Svitlana Kulbitska
Artistic hand-coloured ceramics

Info > Delivery method and price

When you have chosen the object and image, set the price.
As you noticed, in the description of items, prices are not available.
In this regard, there are several opinions, some for the publication of prices, and who against.
I am one of those who are against the publication of the price of artistic works, because the price varies depending on various factors.
Because it is about things made by hand, hand-painted, single copies, respectively, the price will be constantly changing from dependence on the shape, size and decor.
I hope that you can agree with me that the more time required to create the decoration and its complexity, the higher its price increases.
Needless to say, the price of the agreement may be reduced, for someone who buys a large number of objects.
Also, I can say for those who buy only one item, uniquely, the opportunity to set the price by mutual agreement.

Items are packed appropriately to protect against possible attacks and falls, first in the film, then in the polystyrene content, placed in cardboard boxes with international norms insured transportation of baggage.
What is insured luggage? When sending, filled with documents, paid the insurance premium, assigned number of transport, which can be traced all the way baggage at the event of loss or damage, shipping companies, reimburse the costs and provides an opportunity to re-send free of charge.
I trust the administration of the goods transport company DHL, might as well use the services and other companies.
Recently, very good reviews and hear about the Italian-mail - low rates and good work.