Svitlana Kulbitska
Artistic hand-coloured ceramics

About me

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Italy has always been the cradle of art.
The beauty and warmth of its works of art are equalled only by the beauty and warmth of its landscapes that awe you each time with their gentle hills and streams that flow in the Tuscan valleys.
I had fallen so deeply in love with Italy that one day I decided to leave to come and experience first hand what I had learned from school books.
I wanted to know and belong to the homeland of the great Leonardo, the masterful Michelangelo and the gifted Caravaggio, of Sandro Botticelli, Giotto and so many others.
And so I, who was born in Siberia and raised in Ukraine, have wanted to contribute my share of beauty and warmth to this land that I love and that has welcomed me.
I try to show the love I feel inside through my work, through care for detail, the combination of colours, the continued search for new subjects and new painting techniques.
I paint with colours obtained with water and different powder pigments, then I entrust the finishing to fire. And each time it gives me a sense of renewed magic.
I hope my endeavours will meet with your appreciation.
Svitlana Kulbitska